What are the best types of back exercise equipment for home?

Use these machines to build your back

On this list, I’m going to show you 6 types of home back exercise equipment that allows you to strengthen and shape your back effectively. But, of course, these workout machines and tools are more versatile so that you can target more types of muscle groups.

What will you learn here?

  • We list equipment that is suitable for back strengthening exercises.
  • Talk about their pros and cons
  • Mention the types of exercises for back muscles.
  • Other at-home strength training tips such as what kind of other workouts we can do with them.

#1 Resistance bands

The muscles don’t care about where the resistance comes from. If they work, they will develop. And, such simple equipment like the band can provide a complete back workout.

We can use the bands for doing the same exercise as with dumbbells and lat machine, just a safe fixing is required. Do lat pulldowns, rowing, deadlifts, etc.

Bands are cheap and versatile.

#2 Lower back exercise machine

back extension machine

Most of the people do upper back exercises since those make a broad and athletic upper body. And, they neglect their lower back which is a huge mistake since it’s activated in almost every moment. Weak lower back leads to back pain and injury, reduced performance in various physical activities, and poor posture.

The hyperextension is the best exercise to target the lower parts of the back and posterior chain. You can do it on the floor, but with the help of a back extension machine, we can have a more extended range of motion, which leads to better muscle activation.

There are two types:

  • Traditional Roman chair in which you lie on the machine faxing forward the ground. Your feet are fixed within rollers, and your hips are placed on the pad.
  • The other version is the 45-degree hyperextension bench in which your torso is put into an angled line, and you have to lean forward.

The downside of these machines is that people having back or spine problems shouldn’t use them.

To sum up, with the help of the best lower back exercises, we can prevent injuries, reduce pain, perform better in any sports and build a healthy posture.

#3 Suspension Trainer

TRX is another perfect tool for bodyweight training and also suitable for functional back exercises at home. We can do bodyweight rows at different angles depending on our fitness levels. And, if you are at an advanced level, you can use it for single-arm rows or use it similar to gym rings, which are powerful strength training exercises.

The suspension trainer can be used both indoors or outdoor since it easy to attach to anything.

#4 Dumbbells

dumbbell back row

In my opinion, adjustable dumbbells are the best home workout equipment. We can do a lot of exercises to target any muscles of the body. They are also easy to use and affordable.

For the back muscles, we can do various dumbbell rows with single or two arms, deadlifts, or back flyes.

I think adjustable DB is better single pieces since they require less space and cost less.

In a nutshell, I think hand weights are the best overall exercise equipment for home that provides a total body workout.

#5 Pull up bars

back exercise equipment

With the help of the bar, we can perform the most effective bodyweight exercises for the back, such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and their variations. Alone, these exercises are enough to have a complete back workout at home as these moves target each part of the posterior of the torso.

There are 3 types of home gym equipment we can think about:

  1. Doorway pull up bars can be attached to the frame. They are cheap and easy to install. However, doorway equipment isn’t the safest because there is no permanent fixing. So, they may slip off, and the user falls. I don’t recommend this type for heavy users, and the maximum is about 150 lbs.
  2. Ceiling or wall-mounted pull-up bars are far more secure and comfortable to use. They provide excellent workout experience for any level of fitness. The downside of these items is that they require an appropriate wall and secure fixing.
  3. Freestanding pull-up bars come with a basement that stops the equipment to move and tilt. They are also very comfortable to use. Freestanding items require even ground for fixing. If you pick this option, I recommend to drill it down for maximum safety.

The pull-up bar is also suitable for doing various ab exercises such as having leg raises.

Verdict: If you prefer bodyweight training, or want to do calisthenics, the mounted or standing pull up bar is the best choice for you.

#6 Power tower

power tower

The power tower is similar to the standing or mounted chin-up bar, but it’s equipped with other workout stations. Hence, it provides more options to exercise. We can have a full upper body bodyweight workout.

  • It has a dip station that is suitable for strengthening the triceps, shoulders, and chest.
  • It has a vertical knee raise station, which is perfect for ab workouts.
  • Push-ups bars for more effective, deeper push-ups.
  • Pull up section with usually with multi-grip.

The drawback is that it requires assembly, which might be a problem for someone.

To conclude, the power tower is a perfect back exercise machine, plus thanks to the additional sections, we can do a wide range of other bodyweight workouts.

#7 Power rack

Power cage is a vital home gym equipment for someone who wants to lift weight securely and without the need for a spotter. With the help of it, we can do various barbell exercises for the back muscles, such as the deadlift or barbell row.

Moreover, racks are equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars. Since it’s a huge machine with excellent stability, we can perform pull and chin-ups safely without annoying wobbling.

The power rack is the best friend of someone who wants to build muscle as it’s versatile, giving total body resistance training.

But, the racks are quite expensive, big and we should have a barbell with weight plates.

Is the power rack for you? If you are serious about weight lifting, get it. Otherwise for a home gym back workout other cheaper and more compact machines will do.

#8 Lat pulldown machine

lat pulldown machine

Among the back exercise machines, the lat pulldown is maybe the most popular. It’s easy to use, and with different attachments, we can target various parts of the back.

The lat machines usually have weight stacks that let us quickly pick the required load. Typically, these items have not only upper but lower pulley systems as well, which makes it a more versatile piece.

Besides the cable back exercises, we can use it for triceps extension, cable abs exercises, rowing, etc. So, lat machines provide more possibilities than it seems.

The drawback is that the assembly might be complicated, and space is required.

To conclude, the lat machine is a good option for those who prefer cable back exercises instead of the body or weight training. And, they are searching for an easy to use device.

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