Before Bed Ab Workouts to Shape Your Abdomen Before Sleep

How to shape your abdomen before sleep

If you live a hectic life, it happens many times that you have to postpone your regular training for some reason. That is the time when I do my “before bad ab workout.” It’s a quick plan that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, but it works my entire core and still better than doing nothing.

  1. Is it good to do an ab workout before bed?

    Well, that depends on you. For example, for me, having a short training doesn’t disturb my sleep, but I know many people who can’t sleep after exercising. So, you should test it if the workout disturbs your sleep or not. If you can’t get to sleep because of it, you’d better train a few hours before going to bed. Healthy sleep is more important than the workout.

  2. What are the best exercises to do before bed to lose belly fat?

    I have bad news for you. Most of the abdominal exercises don’t help much with losing stomach fat since they are strength training exercises. They are short moves working only a few muscles at once, so only a few calories are burned. To burn belly fat, you should focus on your diet the entire day and do cardio training. To sum up, ab exercises don’t help much. But eating the right things do!

  3. How do I get abs in bed?

    I don’t want to hurt you, but if you want to build abs in the bed, you’re in a very wrong way. Getting a fit and healthy body requires dedicated work, ab exercises in bed won’t be enough. The ab muscles you’re dreaming about are made with the power of commitment and effort.

Ok, so let me show you some before bed workouts for abs. If you know other plans or have ideas, feel free to add them to this list.

#1 5 Minute Ab Blitz – Intensive

It's an intensive workout that works the entire core. It boosts your heart rate as well, so be careful with it if going to sleep isn't easy for you.

#2 10 Before Bed – Total Core Workout

If you have more time and power before going to bed, then do this plan. It includes 10 exercises to strengthen your entire core, which is more beneficial than targeting only your abs. If you perform all the moves above, you work your upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back. The number of reps and rounds depends on your fitness level, but the minimum is 10.

#3 Abs Before Bed Workout – With Crunches

If you don't want to boost your heart rate, go with this routine. We need to do mostly crunches such as toe touches that work the abs well, but don't speed up your heart.


Planks are excellent static exercises for the abdomen, but they don't make you huff and puff. So, planks are great before going to bed. The workout above with 8 types of planks work your entire core. Try to hold the positions for at least 45 seconds with 1-minute rest between, so a round will be a bit longer than 10 minutes.

#5 7 Minutes Abs Workout App – Create your routine

7 minute ab workout app

With the help of this plan, you can create your ab workout before sleep. You can choose from a wide range of exercises, set the time and intensity, and follow your development. The app comes with tutorials and suggestions, so beginners find it easy to use as well.

Download here

Written by Imre

Imre has been working out for over 20 years. He likes all sorts of strength training and boxing. Since he's a busy father he works out only at home.