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If someone asks me about the best ab exercise equipment for home, I say the ab roller without hesitation. This simple device works the entire core and helps to build shredded abs. 💪

Do you want to buy one? You may have checked out some ab rollers on the market, but there are so many out there. How do you know if the roller you choose will work for you? 🤔

Well, this guide is dedicated to you if you want to:

  • check out the best ab rollers based on customer reviews;
  • see a comparison on prices, features, and other points;
  • learn what to look for when shopping for a roller;
  • find out which ab roller type suits your the best;
  • learn more about this fantastic tool;


Comparison of the best ab wheels


Product Name


Wheel size

Weight limit


Ab Roller for Abs Workout

Best classic wheel

2×7 inches

485 lb

Price not available

Vinsguir roller

With wider tread

4,3×6.5 inches

440 lb


EnterSports kit

Fitness equipment package


600 lb


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

Best for beginners with kinetic spring


300 lb


Power Wheel

The most versatile core trainer/Editor's choice


350 lb


Ab Trainer Roller

SKLZ Core Wheels

Best training equipment for bodyweight exercises


300 per wheel

No products found.

No products found.

Epitomie Fitness

Adjustable rollers


350 lb

Price not available

Reviews on Ab Roller Wheels

1. Fitnessery Ab Roller - The Best Classic Wheel with Bonuses


The Fitnessery wheel is a standard item that does its job well - moves smoothly, durable, and comfortable. It also comes with a few extras and affordable.

The stainless steel handles are covered with performance foam that avoid slipping of the hands. It's such a durable construction that it has a 485 lb limit. Hence, it's safe to use even for big guys or pro athletes who want to do weighted rollouts.

The ab roller's surface is covered with non slip rubber, and the tread also helps avoid slipping on a smooth floor. The wheel is 2 inches wide, and the diameter is 7 inches. Those are standard sizes that fit most people.

The ab roller comes with 3 bonus gifts. A comfortable foam knee pad, the Six Pack Abs Nutrition Book, and the Ultimate Ab Workout plan ebook. These bonuses are excellent sources for beginners to get information on how to shape their abs effectively.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable, durable, and nonslip construction
  • Useful bonuses
  • 2-year money-back manufacturer warranty


  • Assembly is required.
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Verdict: A well-designed ab wheel that works as it should. For a low-price, we even get some handy extras.

2. Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel - With Wider Tread

Vinsguir Ab Roller

The Vinsguir ab roller wheel has a wider tread, 4.3 inches, which makes the device more stable. That is beneficial for beginners since less control is required to keep the balance. Therefore, they can perform the rollout move correctly at the beginning.

The wheel surface is covered with TPR material with a grain design that avoids slipping and gives smooth movement, also protects the floor. In the middle of the tread, there is a gap that also supports continuous rolling, plus it allows us to roll to the sides to target the obliques.

It's a heavy-duty construction with a strong stainless steel bar covered with EVA rubber cotton handles. The maximum weight limit is 440 lb.

The assembly/disassembly is easy. That makes this fitness ab roller wheel the right choice for people who travel a lot, just a little space required in your suitcase.


  • 2-round wide design for stability
  • Ergonomic handles, stainless steel bar
  • Easy disassembly
  • Comes with knee mat
  • Beginner-friendly wide wheel


  • After a lot of disassemblies, the handles move.
Sale! - 24%
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Conclusion: The Vinsguir ab roller is a beginner-friendly ab workout equipment that gives a rollout that doesn't require such a balance control. It's a budget device that comes with a rubber mat for knees.

3. EnterSports 6-in1 Ab Roller Kit

basic home gym kit

Get some of the best home fitness equipment in one kit. The package includes an ab wheel, resistance bands, push-up stands, foam knee pad. The name of the product is a bit misleading since they count the pairs. 🙂

The ab roller has a broader wheel design, 3.2", which makes performing the rolling move more comfortable since less stability is required. The surface of the wheel is covered with non slip TPR. The handles have an ergonomic design for a solid grip. Thanks to solid construction, the maximum user weight is 600 lb.

Within the home gym pack, we can find two resistance bands that we can use for a wide range of exercises to strengthen the entire body. We can also attach these bands to the handles of the ab roller to generate additional resistance. That is useful for advanced athletes who already have remarkable core strength. However, the resistance band could be stronger.

The push-up bars are useful pieces to have a better chest workout at home. Since we can go deeper, we can better stimulate the chest muscles, leading to better muscle development. The bars are made of durable plastic.


  • 3 types of practical exercises equipment included plus a knee pad
  • Well-designed and stable ab wheel
  • Great value for the money
  • Perfect for a beginner home gym


  • Weak straps
Sale! - 28%
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Bottom line: The EnterSport ab roller kit is the right choice if you need some necessary equipment for your home ab workouts without paying much.

4. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller - Best Ab roller for beginners

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro stands out from the other wheels with its ultra-wide wheel and the kinetic carbon steel spring.

The ab roller wheel is vast, about 9 inches, and because of that, it requires less effort to keep the balance during the rollout. That's beneficial for beginners since they can perform the move correctly, focusing on the abs. The edges of the wheel are curved, which makes it easier to roll to the sides. This way, we can do ab wheel oblique exercises to shape the side abs.

Another exciting feature is the in-built carbon steel spring. When we roll out, the spring generates additional resistance; it assists when we rollback. That feature leads to more effective abdominal muscle stimulation and better performance.

However, taller people experience that the spring recoils too early, so they can't get the maximum range of motion with the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. Also, people with existing core strength and fitness backgrounds may find this ab roller for abs easy to use.

The handles have an ergonomic design that forces the arms and shoulders to be in the right position during the movement. The curved rubber covered hand grips also avoid the slipping of the hands.


  • Ultra wide roller for stability
  • Strong stainless steel handles supporting the shoulders, wrists, arms
  • Carbon steel spring inside for assistance and built in resistance
  • Knee pad
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bulky
  • Maybe easy to use for advanced athletes
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Judgment: The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro with its unique design and spring system is a unique ab wheel. It's a perfect choice for beginner to intermediate trainers, but pro sportspeople may lack resistance.

5. Lifeline Power Wheel - Work Your Core From Every Angle

Lifeline Power Wheel

In my opinion, ab rollers with foot straps are the best since we can use both the upper and the lower body as resistance. By targeting the core muscles from different angles, we can get even better results.

The Lifeline Power roller is the best ab roller wheel with pedals available today that gives us a very versatile ab roller workout. We can do over 20 ab exercises with it.

The foot straps include two large pedals that give enough place for people with big feet. Also, we can fix the feet with adjustable velcro straps and heel loops. These double fixing doesn't allow feet to slip out at all.

The wheel's diameter is quite large (13.5 inches), but that is required when we want to do abdominal exercises using the legs. The width of the wheel is narrow, so it's more challenging to keep the balance. But, the tire tread is designed to improve traction.

This heavy-duty ab roller allows us to make multidirectional moves, strengthening each muscle of the core.


  • Foot straps to have a more versatile core workout
  • Upper and lower body training
  • Solid feet fixing


  • Large wheel
  • Strapping is a bit complicated (but that's why feet don't slip out)
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To sum up: If you ask me, the Lifeline Power Wheel is the best ab roller for total core training. It costs a bit more, but you won't need other home gym equipment to boost your core strength at home.

6. SKLZ Core Wheels - For Effective Bodyweight Exercises

SKLZ Core Wheels

With the dual ab rollers, we can expand our bodyweight training to the next level.

We can use these wheels the same way as a traditional ab roller, but far more control is required. Such a complicated move activates the core muscles and the chest, arms, shoulders, back muscles, and even your legs. We can safely say it's full body training.

Also, we can make basic exercises like planks and push-ups more challenging. For example, we can do bodyweight chest flyes to boost the power of the pecs.

We can also do unilateral, aka one-sided exercises to boost power, improve balance, or cure muscle imbalances.

These ab rollers are lightweight yet durable pieces with ergonomic hand grips for safe grip.

Much better than an ab wheel. My core was on fire!! I tried a plank to push up move, and they worked perfectly. They are very lightweight, and I can fit them into a small bag for carrying!



  • Lots of exercise options
  • Perfect for advanced strength training
  • Full upper body and core training
  • New ways to do a bodyweight workout
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hard to use for beginners

No products found.

7. Epitomie Fitness Ab Roller - With Adjustable Wheels

BIO Core Ab Roller

As I mentioned before, wider wheels are more comfortable to use because of better stability. That's why some rollers have double wheels, but most of them aren't adjustable, so you can't change the width

The Epitomie ab roller comes with two rollers, but we can change the distance between them. So, beginners can start with a wide setting, and as they get more skilled, they can put the wheels closer to each other to increase instability.

Another great feature of the products is that instead of rubber or plastic, the tread is made of silicone, which gives a smooth rolling. The handles are also covered with silicon for secure hand grips.


  • Adjust the distance between the wheels moving on the stainless steel bar
  • Silicon tread for quiet moving
  • Portable - easy to disassemble
  • Bonus knee pad


  • The bar can be thicker
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Verdict: The adjustable wheels make this ab roller a great choice to get from novice training to a more advanced one. It also gives a great workout experience.

How do I choose an ab roller?

As you see, ab roller machines come in different sizes and shapes. How do you know which fitness wheel is the best for you? Read on to learn the features to look at.

Different types of wheels

Traditional: The standard roller for abs provides nothing extra. But they are cheap and perfect for most of us.

With spring: Spring-loaded ab rollers support rollback and add resistance when we roll it out. This technology may help perform the exercises more comfortably.

With wide tread: The wider the wheel, the easier to keep the balance. Hence these items are more suitable for novice users.

Double wheel: They are hard to use since we have to control the movement unevenly, but we can do many exercises with them. Dual ab rollers are better for advanced sportspeople.

Ab wheels with foot straps: These items are equipped with foot pedals, allowing us to use the lower body as resistance. Great tools for comprehensive core training. They are better for intermediate and high-level athletes.

Ab Wheels With Foot Straps to Build Strong Core

Features to check out

What's the tread covered with?

The tread should be covered with nonslip materials such as rubber, silicone, or durable foam that doesn't allow the wheel to slip. Also, these materials provide smooth rolling. Hard plastic isn't a good option since it doesn't stick to the floor. Go with non slip rubber wheel, that will work for sure.

How are the hand grips designed?

The handles should be covered with a non slip material such as foam. Simple plastic isn't so good since it doesn't suck the hand sweat.

The best hand grips are ergonomically designed, which puts the hands, wrists, and arms in such a position to keep the correct form during exercises.

If you have larger hands than usual, check out the ab roller's width to know if they are long enough for you.

User capacity

If an ab roller has a high load capacity, that is a sign of durable construction. But, the limit is typically above 300 lb for most of the items.

How width is the wheel?

Wider wheels are more stable, hence more comfortable to handle for beginners. Narrow rollers shake more, so more control is required, therefore better for experienced people.

Which ab roller machine is the best for me?

If you are a novice with no fitness background, get Ab Carver Pro, Vinsguir, or the EnterSports ab rollers.

With existing core strength and workout background, get Lifeline Power Wheel or SKLZ Core Wheels to keep your development.


What parts of the body does the ab wheel roller work?

The ab wheel rolling is a compound move that requires multiple muscles to work together. It uses the entire core meaning the abs, obliques, back, transverse abdomens, glutes. But, the chest, shoulders, and hams are also engaged.

Does ab wheel burn belly fat?

The movements we do with the ab roller are strength training exercises. Therefore, they don't burn many calories, which is required for weight loss. To get rid of belly fat, switch to a healthy diet, and do fat-burning cardio workouts instead.

How many reps should I do on the ab wheel roller?

The number of reps depends on your level of fitness. But, the minimum is to do at least 10. If you can't do so many reps or can't perform the move correctly yet, you should start with progression drills instead.

Are ab rollers bad for you?

If you perform the exercises correctly in a controlled manner and don't have any medical problems, ab rollers won't hurt you. Lower back pain usually comes from improper execution; for example, the user doesn't keep his back aligned.

Can you get a six-pack with an ab wheel?

If you already have a lean stomach, then you can quickly see results. If not, you need to burn the belly fat first with the right diet and cardio training to get your as visible. An ab roller is for core strength training. Learn how the ab wheel can give your abs.

Is the ab wheel useful?

The ab roller is one of the simplest yet most effective ab workout equipment out there. It strengthens the entire trunk, building functional strength. Since we have to handle almost all our body weight, it's great to grow the core muscles.

How to best use an ab wheel?

The following video is the ultimate guide that shows you all the typical mistakes.

The end

I wish you found the right tool for your at-home ab wheel workouts, and you'll build the abs that you're going to be proud of. The ab roller is such a simple thing, but it works! If you still need tips, feel free to ask below.

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