power tower with bench

A power tower with a bench is a valuable home workout equipment for those who want to do dumbbell exercises besides bodyweight training. This way, we can have a more comprehensive strength training workout.

Within this guide, I'll show you some power towers that also include a workout bench. I only offer you solid pieces that work well and have a lot of positive reviews.

HARISON Multifunction Dip Station with Bench

1. Harison Multi-function Power Tower - Best Overall

The Harison pull-up tower is at the top of this list since it has all the features required for a safe and effective home workout.

It's a solid build workout tower made of quality materials. Thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame and the crossbar, the weight limit is 500 lb, making it suitable for big guys and pro athletes who want to use an additional load for pull-ups and dips.

To prevent rocking, it has an extended base with thick rubber caps at the end. The stability is safe, but it's recommended to place a rubber mat under it for maximum balance.

Another useful feature is the adjustable pull-up bar, which we can set in 4 different positions from 70.47 - 88.19 inches. That's useful since everyone can find the optimal height for pull or chin-ups. I have to mention that the pull-up station is at the back, so we have more room for the exercises.

We can set the bench in a flat and decline positions. It is also equipped with leg rollers to use it as a sit-up bench as well. To save space, we can collapse or quickly remove it.

For maximum comfort, the back pad, arm pads, and bench are thickly padded and broad. The pull and dip bars are covered with nonslip material for firm hand grips.

We can also find two sets of push up bars for narrow and wide grip press-ups for the varied chest training.

The manufacturer gives a 30-day return, free replacement in 1 year, and installation assistance to make this exercise equipment a risk free purchase.


  • High capacity & robust structure
  • Removable adjustable bench
  • Convenient padding
  • Great support
  • Adjustable height bar
  • Perfect for body weight and weight training


  • Expensive than standard power towers
  • Large footprint
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Read more reviews on Harison Power Tower
Verdict: This is the best power tower with a bench on this list - safe and convenient to use, and it works as it should.
Kicode Bench Pull Up Bar Dip Station

2. Kicode Power Tower with Adjustable Bench - Affordable

If you find the previous item expensive, you may consider Kicode, which costs much less, although not as professional.

This is an adjustable height power tower with an alterable pull-up bar that we can set in 6 positions from 71.6 to 91.3 inches. That means everyone can find the optimal length to his height. The maximum level makes it a perfect choice for tall guys. Although, at the tallest point, the bars move a bit.

The frame is made of steel, but not as strong as Harison has. Therefore, the capacity is 330 lb. It's safe to use for people under 180 pounds, but heavier guys should look for a more robust exercise machine.

The base bars extend outward at the front, and plastic nonslip pads are added to the ends to improve sturdiness. But, users have complaints about fair rocking. You should perform the exercises with control and slowly (recommended for results) and use a thick gym mat to make it balanced.

The vertical knee raise station and the board is thickly padded for comfort. The bars are fully covered with foam handles for a firm grip.

We can set the workout bench to flat and decline positions. We can use it as a sit-up bench since a leg holder is attached to it. It isn't the firmest, so it's suitable for moderate weight training.

The Kicode gives a 3-year warranty for the product, which is longer than usual.


  • Affordable price.
  • Adjustable height chin-up bar
  • Comfortable pads
  • Long warranty


  • Suitable for moderate training
  • The stability isn't the best
  • Tricky assembly

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Read more reviews on Kicode Pull Up Bar Dip Station
To conclude: If you are average weight, on a budget, and need a power tower with a sit-up bench, this thing is worth conder. But, for high-level training, you need to look for more robust equipment.

Note: Kicode Pull Up Tower with Bench (September 2020 release)

It seems that the manufacturer listened to the complaints, and they come out with an enhanced version. Which features:

  • Thicker steel tube construction that holds up to 400 lbs.
  • Adjustable armrests with 4 positions.
  • Flexible backrest with 8 adjustments.
  • Enhanced basement for better stability.
  • Easy to assemble

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299 Reviews
Learn more about the new Kicode tower
Of course, since it's a newcomer, we can find fewer customer reviews. The new features are promising, but still, there is some problem with balance and strength.

ZENOVA Multi-Function for Dip Stand Pull up Chin Up

3. Zenova Power Tower with Barbell Holder

Zenova doesn't come with a weight bench, but bar catches are included. It's the combination of a pull-up dip station and squat rack. If you buy a bench press, a pair of adjustable dumbbells, and a barbell set, you'll have a complete home gym for both lifting and calisthenics. I'll show you how.

Firstly, it's a heavy-duty power tower with a massive structure that can handle up to 500 lbs. The base is prolonged to each direction and extends outwards at the front. Plus, a D support is added to the upright for maximum stability.

Zenova also features a multi-grip pull-up bar that let us do narrow, wide, and hammer pull-ups and chin-ups for a comprehensive back workout. The bars are covered with nonslip material for a solid grip.

How can you use it as a squat rack?

We can find holders to hook the barbel catches and the VKR station on the uprights. When we want to use the equipment as a squat stand, we can quickly unhook the VKR and set the bar holders to the required positions.

Of course, it's not as professional as a real squat rack as the frame is narrower. So, we should use a shorter barbell under 200 lb. But, for an average level of home training, this exercise equipment is a perfect choice.

How to build a basic home gym with it?

So we have the workout station with bar catches. We need a barbell set, an adjustable workout bench, and a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Here are two products at a reasonable price.

Sale! - 42%
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench
19,811 Reviews
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench
This is a very comfortable folding equipment that we can set into the incline, decline, and flat positions.

No products found.

That means, for under $800, we can have a complete home gym for modest full-body strength training. Not for bodybuilding or powerlifting, but enough for most people to get started.

No products found.


What exercises can you do with these power towers?

They enable you to do most calisthenics exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, vertical knee raises, and variations. Since we have a bench, we can do dumbbell exercises such as bench presses, chest flys, curls, rows, etc. We can combine bodyweight exercises and weight training. In a nutshell, we can have a full-body power tower workout.

What to look for when buying a power tower with a bench?

The equipment should have a heavy-duty steel tube frame that can handle a high weight limit (above 300 lb.) The base should be designed to stop the tower from wobbling to the sides or backward/forward (usually that means an extended base with stabilizer leaning outward.) The bench should have a firm structure, be adjustable and well-padded.

If you need more shopping tips, check out our best power towers buying guide.

Is there an alternative?

You can buy a weight bench with a pull-up bar, but the stability isn't the best. Plus, there is no vertical knee raise station and dip bars. Another option is to buy everything separately (pull up stand, dip station, etc.), but they cost higher and need larger space.

To conclude

There is no question that a power tower with a bench is a valuable piece of strength training equipment. And, if you buy one from above, you can't go wrong. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with me for help.