ab wheels with foot straps
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Get a well-working ab wheel with foot straps to put your abs workouts to a new level.

Within, this guide I'm going to show you the best ab wheels that run smoothly, fix your feet tightly, and ergonomically designed for safe and practical training. You'll also learn what to check out when buying an ab roller with foot straps. And, you can read my opinion, if you want 😀, why I think the wheel with pedals is the most powerful exercise equipment for abs ever!

Let's start!

Reviews of Ab Wheels With Foot Straps


1. Lifeline Power Wheel - The Best Overall 👍

The Power Wheel was the first model that came with foot straps, and it's still the best buy. It does its job perfectly, backed by hundreds of positive reviews.

The handlebars are thickly padded with foam for a comfortable and stable grip. They aren't so long, so the users with large hands may find it short. When we grip the bars, the hands are getting into shoulder-width apart, which helps perform the rolling properly.

The rolling wheel has a tire treads pattern. That design allows us to roll to the sides to target obliques and avoid the wheel's slipping.

The pedal is large, so somebody with big feet can use it wearing shoes. The shoes are fixed with an adjustable velcro strap at the front and heel loop. This double fixing doesn't allow the feet to slip out. The pedals are removable, but attaching and detaching is a bit complicated.

The product's diameter is 13 inches, larger than standard ab wheels, but that broadness is required for lower body exercises. The width of the wheel is relatively narrow, which makes keeping the balance more challenging. If you have used wide rollers such as the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro, you may find performing the exercises harder.

What I like about this core trainer is that it's perfect for home training. It provides a solid core training when using your feet. It's also well-made.

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  • Strong feet fixing with adjustable bands and loops.
  • Comfy grip
  • Durable construction, made in the United States 
  • Tire treads for more effective traction
  • Beginners can use it because of the large wheel


  • Narrow track
  • Complicated assembly


2. Ringside Ab Roller - Better Stability

Do you find the Lifeline Wheel narrow? Then, this Ringside product is a better option for you.

The product has two wheels, which mean rolling doesn't require such focus to keep the balance. But, since the wheels spin side by side, they won't move so smoothly. Plus, it's hard to roll to the sides because of the broader track when you want to strengthen the obliques. The diameter of the wheels is 12 inches.

The pedals are quite small, and the foot straps aren't adjustable, making the product not fits for all. If you have larger or smaller feet than usual, you may consider buying a wheel with elastic bands instead.


  • Double wheels for stability.
  • Affordable price
  • Hand grips with a thick foam cover


  • Not flexible.
  • Hard to roll to the sides

GoFit Extreme

3. GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel

The GoFit roller looks very similar to Lifetime, but the wheel's track is slightly wider, making it easier to balance. The tire is made of premium rubber and designed with a knobby tread. The rubber is too solid, almost as firm as plastic, so it doesn't stick to the ground so well.

Unlike the two previous ab wheels, the handle and feet holder aren't separated. That lets us have a narrower or broader grip, but someone may find the handles thick.

We can fix the feet with adjustable velcro straps. To make the securing more comfortable, the handles are flat on the side of the belt. People with large feet find the bands short, tough.

When I say I like this wheel, then you know I am slightly telling an untruth, I hate the exercises, but the wheel itself is excellent.

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  • Wider wheel for stability
  • Easy to use
  • Various hand positions
  • Training manual with Application


  • Firm rubber that smells

What features to check out when buying ab wheels with foot straps?

An ab wheel is a simple device, but there are better and worse models out there. Here a few things to look for before getting one.

Weight Limit

Each product has a weight capacity, which is typically about 250 lb. Hence, they are made for an average-weight person. If you are heavier than that, ask the manufacturer if the product is suitable for you.


Ab rollers with foot straps usually have a larger diameter because more space is required from the floor when doing ab exercises with legs. Larger wheels also feel more comfortable to use, so they are better picks for beginners.

The width of the wheel influence how hard it is to keep stability while rolling. The narrower the track, the harder it is. For advanced fitness level athletes, that's not a problem.

Foot holders

It's very annoying when we do a lower body exercise, and the feet slip out from the fixing. A single velcro strap can fix the feet, but it's much better to have double fixing as the Lifeline equipment has. Try to pick a roller with adjustable bands and large pedals.

Why the roller with pedals is the best core workout equipment?


  • strengthen all the core muscles (lower back, obliques, rectus abdominis);
  • builds functional strength;
  • increases balance and coordination;
  • full body workout using body weight;
  • develops stamina;
  • cheap;
  • portable;
  • versatile;
core muscles

Stabilizer muscles

If we focus on the exercises, each of them is compound bodyweight moves that engage more than one muscles groups at once. These movements force the body to work as a whole, which leads to a healthy and strong physique. With that, we can perform much better in any sports and everyday life.

Compared to the traditional roller, wheels with foot straps are more versatile since we can use our legs. This way, we can target the core muscles from different angles and have a more versatile ab wheel workout routine. We can also strengthen the lower body muscles. For example, we can do glute ham raises.

Within the book called " Ab Wheel Workouts," over 50 core strength exercises are listed, leading to a full-body workout. Here are just a few of them.

I know what you are really interested in: Can I get six-packs with it?

It depends on: If you are lean, then you can see results soon. But if you have belly fat, you should focus on your diet and do fat burning exercises. People have six-pack because the abdominal muscles aren't covered with fat. So, for shredded abs, you need to lose weight. We use the wheel for core work and not for burning calories.

Let's rollout!

If you still have any more questions about buying an ab wheel with a foot pedal, comment below.