Fitness Reality X-Class power tower

Without a doubt, the power tower is one of the best workout equipment for a home gym. We can perform the most beneficial bodyweight exercises such as pull up, dip, push-ups, and leg raise with its help. That means we can have a total upper body strength workout.

This detailed article will show you the best power towers available today based on customer reviews, features, and price. I'll also teach you what to look for when buying one and answer the most frequent questions. I'm sure, after looking over this detailed guide, you know what's the best pull up tower for you.

Let's start.

Comparison of the best pull up dip stations



Product Name





Best Overall

  • Great stability
  • Adjustable
  • 440 lb



With Workout Bench

  • Adjustable weight bench included
  • Adjustable bar
  • 500 lb


Fitness Reality X-Class

For Calisthenics

  • Excellent stability
  • Multi-grip bar
  • 400 lb


BangTong&Li Pull Up & Dip Station

Great Price/Value

  • Adjustable bar
  • Stable
  • 330 lb


Stamina 1690

Small footprint

  • Compact
  • Light
  • 250 lb



With Squat Rack

  • Ergonomic design
  • With bar catches
  • 500 lb


 Stamina | X Fortress

With plyometric box

  • Ab straps, plyo box attachment, rock climbing handholds
  • 300 lb


Body Champ Fitness Multi Function Power Tower


  • Stable base
  • Comfortable VKR
  • 300 lb


 Stamina 65-1460

For Outdoor Usage

  • Protected against weather
  • Very stable
  • 300 lb


Marcy Multi Workout Home Gym

Corner Design

  • Needs little space
  • Comfortable for chin ups
  • 300 lb

Top rated power tower reviews

Sportsroyals Dip Station Pull Up Bar

1. Sportsroyals Power Tower - The Best Overall 👍

Right now, this tower is the most popular item at Amazon, and for a good reason. For the price, we get a home gym equipment that comes with excellent features and benefits.

The frame is made of 14-gauge heavy square steel. That's why it has a high maximum weight limit, which is 400 lb. We don't have to be afraid of bending or breakage, no matter how heavy we are. Plus, advanced athletes can use additional weight for the exercises. We get a 1-year warranty for the frame.

Another beneficial feature is the 4 positions adjustable height pull up bar. We can set it from 64.56" to 88.18". That helps to find the optimal length for us while doing pull-ups. Also, I have to mention that maximum height makes it suitable for tall people.

For maximum stability, the manufacturer added a 9.7" long H-shaped base for the heavy duty power tower supported by 8 support points. As a result, the machine doesn't wobble nor forward or to the sides. The rubber caps at the ends protect the floor as well.

A typical problem with other power towers is that we can't adjust the vertical knee raise station's backrest to find a comfortable position. The Sportsroyals tower solved this problem by making the backrest adjustable in 7 settings. Also, the handlebars are slightly lean inwards for an ergonomic grip. All these features help to perform knee raises and leg lifts with maximum effectiveness.

Users love it for its stability, adjustability, and comfortable training experience. The only downside is that it requires assembly.


  • Adjustable bar and backrest.
  • Stable and durable construction
  • High weight capacity 
  • Excellent workout experience
  • Ease of use


  • Assembly is required
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13,261 Reviews
Read more reviews on Sportsroyals Power Tower here
Verdict: This is an extremely well-constructed power tower that stands out with its adjustability and balance. I recommend it for everyone from beginners to advanced sportspeople who need a reliable piece of equipment for home strength exercises. For this price, this tower is unbeatable.
HARISON Multifunction Dip Station with Bench

2. Harison Multifunction Power Tower with Bench

If you want to have more versatile strength training at home, this product is worth considering. It comes with all the workout stations as the other power towers, but a weight bench is also included with the package. Hence, we can do dumbbell exercises such as chest press or sit-ups.

The tower has an adjustable chin up station that we can set from 70.47 - 88.19 inches in four positions. That is beneficial to find the optimal height. Moreover, the bar is situated at the back of the machine, so we don't have to do pull-ups between the dip bars, which might be annoying for big guys.

For better stability, extended leg stabilizers are added at the bottom that stops tilting forward and backward when doing pull or chin-ups. It also doesn't wobble to the sides, thanks to the wide design and end caps.

The whole frame is made of heavy-duty steel. As a result, the maximum weight capacity of the tower is 500 lb. Hence, it's a perfect choice for pro athletes or heavy people.

As I mentioned before, the weight bench is useful home exercise equipment to do even more exercises. We can set the bench into flat or incline positions, and it's equipped with leg holders. This way, we can do decline sit-ups, crunches, and chest presses. The bench is removable.

Harison gives a 30-day return warranty if you don't like it. Otherwise, we get a 12-month guarantee for the product.


  • Stable and has a high weight limit.
  • Do more types of strength exercises, better ab workout
  • Adjustable pull-up bar 
  • Broad back and forearm foam pads
  • Ideal for tall guys


  • A bit hard assembly process, but installation assistance is available.
  • Requires more workout space to use it comfortably.
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393 Reviews
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Verdict: Compared to the other power tower models, the Harison power tower costs twice, but we get a complete home gym. We can do at least 30 types of exercises with the help of it.

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Fitness Reality X-Class

3. Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower - Editor's Choice

To tell the truth, this my favorite item on this list for its robustness. It's a commercial-grade power tower with an excellent workout experience and durability.

For maximum stability, the tower has an off the ground base which leans backward. When we do pull-ups, we get further from the upright and have plenty of room. Also, it puts the body into a state which leads to a better form. The same is true for the dip bars and vertical knee raise station.

Another excellent feature is the multi-grip pull-up bars. We can do hammer, wide, narrow grip pull-ups, and chin-ups to have a complete back and arms workout. The hand grips are covered with non-slip foam for comfort and safety.

The weight limit is 400 lb, thanks to the solid steel frame. That means we can even wear a weighted vest if we do advanced calisthenics exercises.

The vertical knee raises and the dip stand is adjustable in 7 positions. That's useful to set it to our height to have enough room for the leg raises and dips. The dip bars are large and 2" thick. For maximum comfort, the backrest and the forearm cushions are angled.

The sit-up station and the push-up bars are also useful to have a more complete upper body workout.

The professional features and the warranty also make the Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower the right choice. We get 10 years for the frame and 3 years for the parts.


  • Excellent balance
  • High limit
  • Great workout experience
  • Long warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • More expensive than other fitness power towers
  • Heavy, so hard to relocate
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256 Reviews
Read more customer reviews on Fitness Reality X-Class tower
Opinion: Fitness Reality is a heavy-duty power tower that fulfills the most demanding sportsman's needs. It costs more but worth every penny. It's a reliable tower that is suitable for advanced calisthenics workout.
Pull Up & Dip Station Adjustable

4. BangTongLi Pull Up & Dip Station - Affordable & Good

This is the best Weider power tower alternative for sure. Nothing special, but it does its job well and doesn't cost much.

It's a solid tower having a heavy-duty steel frame that can hold up to 330 lb. That is enough for most of us.

We can adjust the pull-up bar in 6 levels from 76.4 to 84.3 inches to find the optimal length for us. The bar allows us to both narrow and wide-grip pull-ups.

The vertical knee raise station has a thickly padded arm and back pad for maximum comfort. The back support is a bit narrow but rotating. Some people find it a bit uncomfortable at first. But, the movement requires more control, so the abdominal muscles have to work harder.

This tower has a typical H-base with rubber caps at the end. It rocks a bit but not annoying at all. The powder coat finish makes it looks good for long.

Buyers say it's a great value tower that worth the money.

Sale! - 29%
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3,354 Reviews
See more customer reviews here
Conclusion: If you are searching for a similar piece of equipment like the Weider power tower look no further. This is a perfect tower to do push-ups, pull-ups, tricep dips, and leg lifts at home.
stamina 1690

5. Stamina 1690 Power Tower - Compact

If you live in an apartment or have just a little area at home, Stamina 1690 is the right choice. It requires less space than the others (49 x 42.5 x 81 inches). Plus lighter, only 66 lb, so it's easier to relocate.

The durable steel frame is thinner and because of that weight limit is "just" 250 lb. That means an average guy can work out it safely, but the Stamina power tower isn't suitable for advanced bodyweight training.

The chin-up bar is covered with secure foam grips. The bar is at 81 inches in height, so taller people can use it comfortably.

Stamina 1690 is equipped with push up station and dip bars, but it has no station for vertical knee raises. However, we can do leg raises with the pull-up bar. It's also equipped with sit-up station, but it's not so safe since the machine is light.

The company gives 5 years warranty for the frame and the 90-days for the other parts.


  • Small footprint/space saving design
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to put together
  • Affordable
  • push up station


  • Limited capacity
  • Acceptable wobbling
  • No dedicated section for leg raises (no elbow pads)
Sale! - 69%
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3,036 Reviews
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Conclusion: The Stamina 1690 with it's 49" by 42" footprint is the best power tower for apartments. However, it's suitable for moderate bodyweight movements.
 ZENOVA Gym Multi-Function for Dip Stand Pull up Chin Up

6. Zenova Multi-Function Workout Station - With Bar Catches

This is an unusual power tower with barbel catches, so we can use it as a squat rack. This way, we can have leg workouts. It was a great idea from the manufacturer to combine these two valuable home workout equipment into one.

How does the squat rack work?

On the outside of the upright bars, we can find pegs on which we can attach the vertical VKR section and the barbell catches. The process is easy. We just need to hook them to the right positions. When we want to squat, we remove the VKR section and place the bar catches to the required height.

The weight capacity is 500 lbs, but I wouldn't lift as much with it. Keep in mind that a typical power rack is much wider for stability. This tower isn't suitable to lift hundreds of pounds, and it's better to use a shorter bar than a standard Olympic bar. But, for a mediocre barbell workout, it's suitable.

Tip: If you have a flat or adjustable weight bench, you can use this sturdy power tower for bench presses. (But with limited weights)

This pull-up and dip stand's blance is excellent since it has a broad and curved base that is required to function as a rack, too. Also, the uprights are supported at the back of the machine.

Another excellent feature is the multi-grip pull-up bar to do a wide range of body weight exercises.

The knee raises station comes with adjustable back support with thick padding. We can choose from 6 positions to find the optimal distance for our back.

It doesn't have dedicated push-up bars, but since the dip bars are adjustable, we can set them in various positions to incline push-ups.


  • Bar catches for squat and other leg exercises
  • Adjustable dip bar and VKR
  • Multiple hand positions
  • 500 pounds limit
  • Full body training
  • Good value for the money


  • Only for moderate weight lifting

No products found.

Stamina | X Fortress

7. Stamina X Fortress Power Tower - With Accessories

This fitness station features a few additional accessories that are useful to have a more complex bodyweight workouts at home.

The pull-up station comes with rock climbing handholds. These are two balls that we can use for doing pull-ups that significantly develop the strength of the forearms and hand grips.

The machine doesn't have a VKR feature, but ab straps are added to substitute it. The straps control the upper body, but the core muscles need to be highly activated to avoid the lower body's swing. That leads to really effective core training. Beginners can lean to the back pad for support, though.

The Stamina x power tower has an adjustable dip station that we can set into 7 positions with the pins. This way, beginners can do dips with their feet on the floor.

This is the only power tower on the market that comes with an adjustable plyometric box. That means we can strengthen the lower body as well. To build a really healthy physique, it's not enough to do only strength training. Cardio is required, as well. With this tower, we can do both. We can adjust the box from 16"-18"-20"-22"-24".

Although this home gym equipment is pricey, people like it since they can have a full-body workout.


  • Full body training
  • More versatile workouts
  • Develop cardio with plyometric exercises
  • Easy to put together
  • Do special pull-ups for grip strength


  • Expensive
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3,036 Reviews
Check out more reviews here
Opinion: Stamina X is a quality power tower with useful accessories, but its price too high. We can buy those things one by one for a lower price.
Body Champ Fitness Multi Function Power Tower

8. Body Champ Fitness Power Tower - Being sold for 15 years

The Body Champ power tower has been on the market for many years and is among the best power towers on Amazon. It's a classic piece of fitness equipment with minor problems, but at an affordable price.

The tube frame leans backward, and because of that, the VKR station is convenient, and we can focus on the ab exercises. The back and arm pads are large and thickly padded for comfort. But, because of that, we don't have much space when doing pull-ups.

The base is bending outward at the front to give better balance for the machine. But, users still experience minimal rocking, but nothing serious.


  • Cheap
  • Easy assembly
  • Sold for over a decade
  • Comfortable VKR


  • Minimal wobbling
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1,183 Reviews
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Conclusion: If you are on a budget and searching for a tower for moderate training, it's worth checking out. Not for pros.
Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor workout tower

9. Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower

Training outdoors in the fresh air is something that we can't compare to a home gym experience. However, the equipment should be protected against the weather. This power tower is covered with a special paint to avoid rust and other damages.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that can hold up to 300 lb. The stability is good, but I recommend putting a rubber gym mat under it if you place it on a concrete floor.

The machine has a broad pull up bar so we can do wide and narrow grip exercises. It also features push up station and a dip stand. It has no knee raise station, but we can get a pair of ab straps for a few bucks.

The only downside is the assembly, which was a bit complicated for some customers.


  • Protected against weather conditions
  • Stable and solid structure
  • Full upper body training outdoor
  • Good value for the money


  • No VKR section
  • Putting together is a bit difficult
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Conclusion: It's the best power tower for outdoor training that is solid.
Marcy TC-3508

10. Marcy Power Pull Up Dip Stand - Corner Design

If you don't have enough place for the other power towers on this list, you need to check out the Marcy tower that you can place in the room's corner. This way, you need just a little workout space at your home gym but can do the best bodyweight exercises.

The stability of the tower is excellent since it has a large triangular foot bar at the front. Since we need to place it in the corner, it can't fall over to the other side. The frame is also strong, and it can hold up to 300 lb.

The tower also features a multi-grip bar for pull-ups and chin-ups, but it can't be used with narrow grips.

The leg raise station is has contoured back support and thickly padded arm pads for comfort. The foam handles are leaning slightly inward for a better hold. The dip bars are somewhat short, so people with big hands may find it a bit uncomfortable to grip.

The Marcy power tower also features sit-up bars with high-density contoured rollers and push up bars.


  • Space-saving design, but all workout stations are included.
  • Solid structure
  • Ergonomic padding for convenience with vinyl cushion


  • Careful assembly is required
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Judgment: If you lack space at your home gym, this pull-up dip station is the solution. It's not the best power tower in the world, but it's absolutely suitable for modest training.

What to check out when buying a power tower?

Maximum weight limit

This is the most crucial feature you should check out. The power tower should be made of solid steel that holds your weight safely. If you are heavier than 200 pounds, stick to a more professional tower that can handle at least 300 pounds. The same is true if you want to use additional weight for pull-ups and dips. A promising feature is if the item is heavy because that is a sign that thick tubing is used.


A rocking and moving item isn't just annoying but also dangerous. You can suffer severe injuries if you fall over with it. Power towers with a long and wide basement tend to be more stable, such as the H-base.

Stabilizers lean outwards also adds extra stability for the tower. The best is if you place a rubber mat under the machine.


Most of the power towers don't have a huge footprint. However, you need a few feet around the equipment to use it comfortably. Measure how much room you will have between the chin-up bar and the ceiling. If there is no space, you can't do the full range of motion since you'll bang your head on the top.

Choose a tower for your body size. If you are taller than average, get a big piece of equipment.


Power towers come in many pieces, and sometimes they aren't easy to put together. You'll also need tools, at least an adjustable wrench, and a screwdriver. If you construct the machine poorly, it may wobble, squeak, and break.

Tip: Only tighten the bolts firmly when all parts are in the right place.

What are the best power towers?

Which lets you perform the exercises comfortably, doesn't wobble, comes extended warranty, has high limit, and includes all the common exercise stations.

Answers to Related Questions

What exercises can you do on a power tower?

  • With the pull-up bars: Pull-ups, chin-ups with narrow or wide grips for the back, arms, and shoulders. Hanging knee and leg raises, windscreen wiper exercise for the core. But, there are many other exercises you can do to target various muscle groups.  Perfect tool to develop back muscles.
  • With the push-up bars: Standard, incline, and decline push-ups. Since you can go deeper, the chest muscles are activated better.
  • With the dip handles: Dips for chest and triceps.
  • VKR station: Knee and leg lifts forward or to the sides to build core strength.

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Do power towers build muscle?

I think that question comes from the false belief that we can get strength and muscle mass only by lifting weights. The muscles develop when they regularly get a new impact that they need to adapt to. And, it isn't important where the resistance comes from.

Of course, our body weight is almost the same, but when we can do many reps and see no development, that's the point when we have to switch to a more challenging exercise. This technique is progressive overload. Can you do 25 pull-ups with ease? Switch to archer pull-ups, for example.

So, yes, with a good workout routine with continuous switching and testing, you can build muscles with power towers.

What's the best pull up bar?

Longer bars are better since we have more options to find the optimal grip distance for us. Multi-grip bars are the best since we can do more types of pull-up variations, for example, hammer pull-ups. This way, we can strengthen the lats and arms from different angles. The best power towers are equipped with such a bar.

What do dips work?

Dips mainly target the triceps and the chest. The more you lean forward, the more load is on the chest. But, it's a useful exercise to build functional strength for the upper body.

Best power tower for muscle-ups and calisthenics?

To perform the advanced calisthenics exercises, you need a very sturdy and stable power tower. If you want to do muscle-ups, the tower should be drilled to the floor. If you are under 180 pounds, you can use the Fitness Reality power tower with a solid structure. Big guys need professional equipment for high-level calisthenics..

That's all!

I hope after reading this long article about the best power towers, you found the best piece for you. This gym equipment is the best to do bodyweight exercises at home, which leads to functional strength. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them below.