Sportsroyals Dip Station Pull Up Bar

If we check out Amazon or other reviews about the best power towers, the Sportsroyals power tower always bumps up. And for a good reason. We get workout equipment that reliable, adjustable, and works as it should for an affordable price. It has thousands of positive reviews.

Frankly, I don't own this power tower, but I know what features are important, and I've read countless customer reviews about the product. And that's why I recommend it with a good heart.

Key Benefits of the Power Tower

Sportsroyals Dip Station Pull Up Bar
  • Capacity: 400 lb
  • Dimensions: 41.2"L x 14.4"W x 64.5-88.18"H 
  • Workout stations: dip, push up, pull up, vertical knee raise 
  • Adjustment: 4 setting for pull up bar, 7 holes for backrest  
  • Warranty: 1-year for frame, 90 days for other parts

1. Durable and Stable Construction

The SportsRoyal tower has a 14-gauge heavy-duty steel frame. That means we don't have to be afraid of bending or breakage even if heavy men use it. It's secure equipment to work out with.

Also, the tower has a high, 400 weight limit because of the sturdy frame, which is far enough for most people. Advanced sportspeople can do pull-ups and dip with weight securely.

One reason to buy is the durability, safety, and high weight limit it gives.

2. Enhanced Stability

sportsroyals base

8 point support

A typical problem with power towers is rocking, which mainly comes from the base's bad design.

The designers of the SportsRoyal pull-up tower paid attention to make it as stable as possible. Firstly, the stabilizers are extended (39.7" H-shape base) to stop the machine from tilting forward and backward. That is important if we do pull-ups and dips.

Also, to prevent the tower from moving to the sides, they add horizontal stabilizers at the end of the bars. That means the equipment connects to the floor by 8 support points. Rubber end caps are also attached for maximum support and to protect the floor.

The manufacturer also reinforces the base with D-fastener and horizontal connection to enhance the balance and durability.

Excellent stability is another reason why it's worth buying.

3. Adjustability

sportsroyals adjustable pull up bar

Set the height of the chin up bar

Most of the power towers come with different workout stations without any adjustability. That is a problem for people shorter or taller than average since the equipment doesn't provide a comfortable position. The SportsRoyals solved this problem as well.

It has an adjustable pull-up bar, which we can set in 4 positions from 64.56" to 88.18". This way, taller guys have enough place for the pull-ups, while shorter people can easily catch the bar. That's a useful feature for families since everyone can find a suitable height.

The vertical knee raise station also comes with an adjustable backrest that we can set in 7 positions. That is useful since we can fix the pad to support our back, which helps to perform leg and knee raises more comfortably and effectively.

The adjustability of the power tower is another benefit that makes SportsRoyals an outstanding power tower.

4. Comfortable & Effective Training

backrest and armrest

Adjust the arm and back pad

The vertical knee raise station (VKR) has an angled design (10°) towards the uprights. That means when we mount into it, our body is pushed a bit backward, leading to convenient and efficient knee and leg lift movement. Also, the handlebars are angled slightly inside for a more solid grip. The back support and the arm pads are thickly padded for comfort.

The pull-up bar gives multi-grip positions so that we can do both wide and narrow pull-ups and chin-ups. The length of the bar is 41.2 inch which is long enough. For firm grip, the bar is covered with non-slip foam material.

How does the SportsRoyals pull up dip station work?

80% of the customers think the SportsRoyals workout tower is an excellent value for the money. They don't experience wobbling and squeaking. They find the workout stations convenient to use, and the assembly isn't complicated. They are happy with their purchase.

A few taller people think the crossbar at the bottom is in the way when they do pull-ups. To avoid that, we need to keep the knees close together.

Also, the armrests' distance is 23.6 inch which is maybe narrow for big guys doing pull-ups.

In a nutshell, SportsRoyals gives what they promise - a well-working power tower that provides more than other products on the market.


  • Excellent stability and a strong frame for safety.  
  • Ergonomically-designed for comfortable and correct exercises.
  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Wide range of exercises.
  • Adjustability for tweaking to the body.


  • Not compact requires space.  
  • The crossbar is a bit annoying when doing pull-ups.
  • The assembly instructions should be better.

Who should buy the SportsRoyals power tower?

It's the perfect choice for almost everyone who wants to do bodyweight exercises at home (pull up, chin up, dip, vertical knee raise, and push-up). With this tower, we can have a safe and effective workout to build muscle and functional strength.

People who want to do serious calisthenics training with exercises like muscle-ups should look for a more reliable piece, though.

We can place it in a garage or the corner of a room. But, people with limited space may need a more compact model. I don't recommend using it outdoor since it isn't protected against water and sun.

It isn't the cheapest power tower on the market since it costs around 200 bucks. But if we compare it to other products at this price, SportsRoyals beat them all.

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Read more reviews about the SportsRoyals power tower

Is it worth it? Yes! If you need a reliable pull up dip tower for your home workouts, I suggest this equipment.