Yoga Chest Exercises to Shape Your Pecs

When we think about building an attractive upper body, yoga chest exercises aren’t the ones that come up in our minds. But, you will see from the list below that there are moves that target that area of the body. Yoga for chest increase isn’t the best option since for that traditional strength training is required. But yoga for stretching works without a doubt.

On this list, I collected some sources from which you can learn some effective yoga poses for chest or follow the workout as it is. If you know more moves, feel free to add it to this collection below.

#1 15 Min Yoga for Chest and Shoulders

This sequence is created to open up your shoulders and pectoralis muscles. Don't overstretch your chest and delts. Go until you don't feel pain. It's a 15-minutes long workout, so it's great after a hectic day or if you have only a little time to exercise. This routine is packed with moves that are great for the upper body.

#2 How to Build Chest Muscles with Yoga

Within this tutorial, you'll learn an exercise that increases chest muscle size, mobility, and strength. Also, this simple practice develops your posture.

#3 Heart Opening Yoga Poses

A lot of people suffer from poor posture, mainly because of the sedentary lifestyle. Yoga can help a lot to get rid of that problem. We can mildly strengthen those muscles which are weak and release the tight shoulder and chest muscles. Within this excellent presentation, you will learn 15 yoga poses that help to correct your posture.

#4 Yoga Push-Ups

The best home exercise to target the chest is the push-up and its variations. Within this tutorial, you will learn how to do press-ups with a yoga technique.

#5 Chest, Shoulders, Arms & Back Workout

Do you need a long workout? With the help of this 1-hour yoga practice, you can get rid of the stress, open up your chest, and strengthen your upper body.

Written by Imre

Imre has been working out for over 20 years. He likes all sorts of strength training and boxing. Since he's a busy father he works out only at home.