Best Ab Workout Equipment for Home

In this guide, I’m going to show you the most beneficial ab workout equipment for home. No, not ab machines as seen on TV since they’re overhyped pieces that are in most of the cases good for nothing. What will you learn here?

  • Types of devices that are best for abs.
  • Their pros and cons.
  • Best rated products that are worth buying.
  • How to choose the most suitable machine for you.

Let’s start.

Best ab machines for home gym

#1 Ab Wheel

ab workout machine home

What's that? Cheap, compact, work your entire core, and give a challenging workout for the long run? Yes, the ab roller! It strengthens the core in two ways. When you rollout, the movement engages your rectus abdominis, the six-pack muscles. 

Also, because the wheel is narrow, your entire core is activated (external obliques, transverse abdominis) to stop falling to the sides or forward. But, you can use the ab rollers not just for rolling to the front and backward. There are many variations to target different parts of your midsection, or to make the training more challenging. We have a detailed ab roller exercise guide here. 

The only downside of the roller is that it requires existing core strength to perform the move correctly. Hence, beginners may find it hard to use at first. 

The best ab wheel is the GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel that comes with ankle straps. This way, you can use my lower body as resistance to working my abs from different angles. Or Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro for its unique ergonomic design. But you can check out the reviews of the best ab wheels here.

#2 Power Tower/Captains hair

Vertical knee raise or leg lifts are excellent moves to target your abs and obliques. Thanks to the supports (forearm and back pad) of these ab exercise machines, they don't put so much load on the lower back. I believe the power tower, aka pull up, dip, and VKR station is a much better home workout equipment than the Captain's chair since we perform far more sorts of drills with it. We can do all the most beneficial bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg raises, etc. Hence, we can have a total upper body workout. The cons of towers are that they cost more, need space to use, and assembly. If I needed a workout tower, I'd purchase the Sportsroyals Power Tower since it's a good price/value machine.

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#3 Pull up bar

What? Pull up bars are suitable for abdominal muscles?


Chin-ups and pull-ups engage the core well. But the bar let us do various hanging knee and leg raises for abs and obliques. They aren't easy exercises, so they aren't suitable for beginners, but that is why they're so good for building six-pack abs. (Novices can use an ab strap that helps to get started.)

There are various types of pull up bars: doorway, wall or ceiling mounted, freestanding. I recommend having a doorway only if you can't get the other two for some reason. Alternatively, you can use the pull-up bar of the power tower for leg lifts.

I prefer wall-mounted bars since they're easy to install, compact and versatile.

#4 Suspension Trainers (TRX)

TRX ab exercises

No matter which TRX exercise we do, the core muscle groups are always activated to keep the balance of the body. But, of course, we can perform many practices to target the abs. The suspension trainer is so versatile that it's suitable for beginners to advanced athletes. Moreover, it's a compact, portable, and easy to install exercise equipment for bodyweight training.

Which trainer do I recommend? Well, TRX is the best, but you can choose from cheaper alternatives.

#5 Stability ball

The fitness ball (because of providing an unstable state) works the core no matter what activity you do with it. Even if you sit on it, it works your core.

It's fun to practice with an exercise ball. It's healthy for your back and spine, gives better posture, and helps with your core stability. More frequent or longer use seems logical to get better results.

With the help of this core workout equipment, we can also turn classic abdominal exercises like planks or crunches more challenging. Plus, they are suitable for any fitness level.

I can't say any cons about it. Cheap and versatile. What more than that do we need?

#6 Roman chair / Hyperextension bench

woman hyperextension

This list is dedicated to ab workout machines, but we shouldn't forget about strengthening the lower back muscles and the posterior chain. If those areas are weak, that leads to bad posture, back pain, and decreased performance.

Hyperextension exercise is the best move to strengthen those areas. We can do it on the floor, but the range of motion (ROM) is short. That is where the chair comes in. We can fix our feet and supported by the hip pad, so we can go deeper, having more extended ROM.

The downside of the hyper bench? It's not recommended for those who have chronic problems with their back.

The best item for home use is the Marcy Hyper Exercise bench.

#7 Decline ab bench

ab bench man

I put the sit-up bench among ab machines that work, although there is much dispute about it. Some say it's terrible for the back, etc. In my opinion, decline sit-ups are excellent exercises to boost the size and the power of the abdominal wall, but proper form is vital.

By adjusting the board of the decline bench, we can modify the resistance levels frequently so we can get the benefits of progressive overload.

The downside is that it isn't suitable for beginners or someone having back problems.

Which product do I suggest? Xmark Fitness 12 position adjustable ergonomic bench is the top model.

#8 Resistance band

Resistance bands can be just as effective in creating strength and muscle mass as free weights, like dumbbells.

Resistance band core training will assist in developing your abdominals, obliques, and deeper core muscles that can help support your pelvis, stabilize your lumbar spine and create force when you move.

For example, you can do advanced mountain climbers that work the entire midsection and even helps with bunting belly fat.

What should you look for when choosing abdominal exercise equipment for home?

  • Pick a machine that is suitable for your current fitness level, but it will challenge you in the long run.
  • Check out the weight capacity, durability to know if it stands your weight safely.
  • If you want to buy something bulky, plan where you will put it. Count a few feet around it for comfortable usage.
  • Consider picking an item that gives more versatility to exercise, not just training your abs.
  • Read the customer reviews carefully.

To sum up

No matter which fitness equipment you choose above, you’ll get a piece that works abs perfectly at home. But, don’t think that just by using a machine will make you shredded stomach. These tools are for core workouts at home, and not for burning belly fat. For that, you should focus on your diet instead.

Written by Imre

Imre has been working out for over 20 years. He likes all sorts of strength training and boxing. Since he's a busy father he works out only at home.